Legend of The Space Whale

Some people think Space Whales are just an urban space legend. But they're as real as unicorns and dragons and catdogs.

You are a simple space traveler cruising the universe. Let's see what there is to find...

This is my submission for the June #bitsjam

I'd like to thank Sean and the discord group for all their amazing help and awesome advice. Oh and not to forget, thanks Adam for creating bitsy!


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this is very impressive stuff!

This is such a fantastic concept and such gorgeous art! This is easily one of my all-time favorite ideas for space whales, right up there with the Callowhales from Radiance.

Poe, this was beautiful. This is a new high mark for good-looking stuff.

The art is really good........ the puzzle was tough at first but then I figured out the nice hint :)

so cool!


wow, this is great stuff! I'm seriously stunned by that intro!!

Thanks! I actually cut some of it out for time's sake lol.


This is high level quality. Everything in this game is wonderful. I just can't find any words to express my admiration. Great work!

Thank you so much Peter!


OH MY GOODNESS this game is gorgeous!!! I can't even begin to imagine how long it took to make all that art! The transparent text box makes the words pop off the screen!! And the puzzle was super clever aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ✨✨🐳✨✨


Thank you so very much! :)